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Other Side of the Easel 

If you are a teacher in the creative Arts, we would love to help you inspire your students. This Documentary is primarily aimed at those finishing school and wondering if following a passion in the Arts is a legitimate course of action? The talented Ross Reaney (cinematographer) and myself are here to say YES. Yes it is. Our message with this Documentary is simple. You are a gifted individual with unique talents. Your passions are important, not to be hidden or ignored but to be cultivated and explored. Dare to dream, and learn what it takes to make your passions reality. This 30 min Documentary follows my life over the course of 18 months as I  create and prepare a major body of work for a solo Exhibition. We explore my past failings, examine current successes and look at future hopes, as well as what its like to be an artist in the daily grind. I speak openly about my journey and hope to give an insight of what its like to be a professional creative for a living. There is so many 'No's in this world. With my example, it is our hope to arm you with an authoritative 'yes' to encourage your students to pursue a creative life.


The Documentary is free to use as a teaching tool.

Simply get in touch below, Write 'Passkey' in the Subject line and let us know what school your teaching in and we will provide you with the password key via email.

Ross Reaney and Myself will be touring this Documentary in several Schools across the provenance. Hoping to visit, chat, inspire and connect with younger creatives we seek to encourage your students. Our aim will be to answers the questions we wish we had someone to ask at the very start. If you would like us to visit your School get in touch below.

Please note - We would like to visit as many schools as possible but availability is limited.

Thanks! Message sent.

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