COMBUSTION - is the latest body of work involving various hot sauce bottles portrayed as petrol bombs. But what is it about? Well, In this body of work I highlight the heightened tensions in Western democracies the have been bubbling up for the last number of years. Having grown up in the context of Northern Ireland and dealing with the lasting effects of the troubles, I ask does Northern Ireland have something to contribute to help ease the escalations of friction across the globe. Can the lessons we have learned from our past, and lessons we failed to learn, help aid the world towards a path of agreeable difference rather than heated friction? 

Having an Initial sell out show 'COMBUSTION'  has been the best introduction possible of this expanding body of work. With afflictions and wars across the globe. The job of the artist is to not just see, but observe. With that in mind I am looking forward to find inspiration in different attitudes, opinions and stories across the globe. 

Latest Works


As Combustion is an ongoing body of work I continue to create new works. These are the latest paintings fresh from the studio.

For more info on commission a painting please get in touch. 

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